The Historic Horn Handbooks

The Historical Horns Handbook series seeks to share the great wealth of inspiring sources from over three hundred years of horn playing with players of all levels. Anneke Scott draws upon her experience as an internationally renowned performer, teacher and researcher to lead horn players through the history and performance practice of the instrument.

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Volume I: Natural Horn, An Introduction

This 300-page book guides horn players through the basics of natural horn playing, beginning with praticalities such as purchasing and maintaining instruments, selecting mouthpieces and even how to hold the instrument. Based on Anneke’s own teaching practice, this book guides the student through numerous exercises and melodies; each chapter introduces new notes and practioners from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The Handbook also includes many exercises for horn with basso continuo as well as horn duos, trios and quartets. Foreword by Anthony Halstead.

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“In writing a handbook for the natural horn Anneke Scott has finally
done what should have been done long ago. The book is a must for all horn
players who are interested in the natural horn as well as those who play
the natural horn themselves. The presentation is clear with plenty of musical
examples, exercises, duets, trios, etc., all of which make practising this
beautiful instrument a very attractive proposition.” 
Ab Koster (international horn soloist, chamber musician and professor
of horn, Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg).

“This present Handbook is not only a faithful summary of the available
literature on the practice and teaching of the natural horn but is also a very
valuable addition to it. Already experienced natural horn players as well as
beginners will receive tips from the practice of a world-renowned and
experienced author. This volume is a must for all interested horn players!” 
Thomas Müller (principal horn of the Zürcher Kammerorchester, professor of natural horn at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis).

“This valuable contribution to the historical horn world is a comprehensive
guide to the basics of natural horn playing, meant to take the already skillful
horn player into the intricacies of the early horn. This long-awaited method,
and its future volumes, will help to shape the trajectory of natural horn
pedagogy and performance for the next generation of performers.” Richard Seraphinoff (natural horn player, horn maker and professor of horn and early music, Indiana University, USA).


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