Ce commence!

So, finally, I'm here!  Well to be totally honest I arrived in Paris yesterday for the final concert in the JEG/ORR Brahms & Schumann tour.  We had quite a tricky journey (early start, delayed flight and then one of the violinists fainted on the plane - luckily we had just landed, but there's been a great deal of illness on this tour and this poor girl had picked up an ear infection) but eventually got to Paris.  I'm quite sad to see the back of this tour.  Funnily enough at the beginning of the tour I felt quite differently but with each concert I felt more confident with both the music and the instrument I was using.

This morning my dear friend and colleague Jorge Renteria helped me move from the hotel ORR were staying in to my new place.  This was especially kind of him as had 3 horns, laptop and big suitcase!  I'm renting a wonderful place off two colleagues who are away at the moment and I've really landed on my feet - it's the most incredible place.  It's in Belleville (near Jourdain) which looks to be a great district.  The house itself is incredibly light and spacious (with a soundproofed room for practice) and there are so many interesting books and CDs on the shelves which I think will be quite inspiring.

On arriving a neighbour pointed me in the direction of what looks like a weekly market where I stocked up on groceries.  Good practice of my basic French!  I also took a bit of a walk to work out where the French language school is so that I can find it tomorrow.  Quite nervous about going back to school!