Dear Cite de la musique...

(photo by Thierry Ollivier,

... go on, be a sport.  Please would you consider lending me this lovely cor solo?  It was made by Lucien-Joseph Raoux circa 1821 for Jacques-François Gallay and is item number E.1531 in your collection.  I'm lucky enough to have a Cor d'Orchestre by Marcel-Auguste Raoux that belonged to the horn player Oppezzi, principal horn of the Opera de Paris in the early 19th century.  However it would be a dream come true to get access to this instrument during my stay in Paris.  Instruments have so much to tell us, something I've learnt even more through having my Marcel-Auguste Raoux horn, and, as I'm specifically investigating Gallay and his horn playing, I'm certain that there will be much to learn from this particular instrument.

And wouldn't it be wonderful it I could use it for the recording of the Caprices?

Go on!  I'll take extremely good care of it!

All the best