Dotting the "i"s and crossing the "t"s

So... ploughed through various mundane tasks associated with the trip yesterday.  Now have most of the travel booked and most of the accommodation including travelling to Orleans for the association Francaise du Cor conference.  This conference is being organised by my former teacher the wonderful Claude Maury and (quelle surprise!) I'll be playing some Gallay at one of their "open mike" events.

I've also buckled down and completed my enrolment at Langue Onze - the French test as part of the application form wasn't too bad though I'm certain my written French it utterly lousy.

Things to do include finding accommodation for 15th - 19th of November and 22nd - 24th of November (following up one last lead on this), return after the recording (tempted not to book this until the venue is confirmed just in case it makes sense to leave later or even the following day) and coming and going for the Irish Baroque Orchestra patch around the 13th - 15th of November (technically this could be dealt with by the IBO office but as they'd normally expect me to be travelling to and from London we'll see...).